Saturday 7 September 2013

A Character Background and Swag Generator for the Weird Dark Ages

NOTE: Magically, you can make a Dangerous Time Adventurer here, courtesy of Save Vs. Total Party Kill.

ALSO NOTE: The Adventurer Generator doubles as a NPC, Hireling or mysterious unlooted Corpse generator. 

Roll on the background table. (2D6 will do the trick, one for the tens and one for the ones.)  

D66 You were a: You've got:
11 Poulticer Mortar and pestle, dagger, mystery potion (you know what it doesn't do), oil flask, chalk
12 Slaughterer cleaver, half-chain apron, a string of fine sausage, twine
13 Fungus-picker Two different kinds of mushrooms, club, sling, rabbuck-hide gloves, lamp, oil flask
14 Pickler A cumbersome pickle cask with delicious pickles, spice-bag, trident, wading boots
15 Sweeper Iron-banded broom, knife, sooty rags, mastic, crampons
16 Purloiner Hammer and spike, off-hand daggers, 50' rope, clothes with hidden pockets, a golden ring (stolen)
21 Hunter Crossbow OR shortbow, quiver, skinning-knife, leather jack, axe, brace of smoked frog
22 Noble Sword and shield and full chain OR pistolet and powderhorn and chain shirt, off-hand dagger, map to “inheritance”, a fine cape and mantle, laudanum OR signet ring
23 Mendicant Begging bowl, smart pet, reed flute, staff OR club
24 Scribe Mace, robes, runestones, oil-lamp, lard-pot, vellum, brush and ink
25 Porter Fists, club, auroch-hide armour, a porter's basket
26 Timberfeller Great-axe, knife, cloudberry wine, sling, 50' rope
31 Plumber Gluepot, throwing hammer, weather-proof overalls
32 Hayseed Axe OR pitchfork OR threshing flail, dirk, harmonium OR great-kazoo, chewing weed, three torches
33 Guard-at-Arms Shield, spear, misericorde, half-chain, club, 50' rope
34 Fisher Fishing pole and hook, gutting knife, 2 throwing spears, eel-hide armour, 3 torches, a smoked eel
35 Barber Bonesaw, steggar, clamps, bloody rags, leechjar OR pendulum
36 Scroll-runner Running shoes, jerky, 50' rope, emberhorn, dagger, news-scroll, signalling glass
41 Paramour Woodblock erotica OR book of poems, sword, perfume (as lamp-oil), locket OR prophylactics, bow and quiver
42 Guild-partisan Great-weapon OR mancatcher, dagger, hauberk with matching party armband, guild news-scroll, a set of trade tools (dyer, tanner, weaver, napier, builder, etc.)
43 Bondsman Waraxe OR crossbow and quiver and club, mail shirt, shield, saexe, gift-ring
44 Apiarist Chainmail, goggles, club, bellows, smokebomb, honeycomb
45 Sailor Axe OR cat, off-hand marlinspike, scrimshaw, shield OR leather armour, lodestone
46 Bellman Hookspear, chainmail shirt, shield, handbell, truncheon, 3 torches
51 Smith Hammer, chainmail OR leather armour and shield, anvil, crucible
52 Janissary Harquebus, powderhorn, chainmail shirt, sword, shield, contract
53 Seer Silver dagger, cage of finches, brazier
54 Ursar or Handler Man-(or Beast)catcher, 20' chain, club, hide armour, hand drum
55 Merchant Fine clothes, guilder's chain, mace, a servant with a bale of trade goods
56 Wolfs-head Waraxe, caltrops, leather armour, crossbow, quiver, writ of blood price
61 Therapist Flail, shield, pendulum, meditation cushion, oil-lamp, oil-pot
62 Skald Harp OR scroll of epic poetry, off-hand dagger, sword OR bow and quiver, collection plate
63 Drover Studded leather, whip, club, brand, firehorn, heavy gloves, throwing axe
64 Judicial Functionary Great-weapon, leather jack, hooded cloak, hanging rope OR tongs, manacles and keys
65 Wildling Fists, moss and furs, “lucky” stone, shillelagh
66 Mercenary Great-weapon OR waraxe and shield, dirk, ringed leathers, bow and quiver, totem

To this you may choose, or roll if you like on the following table. 

You've also got a set of clothes, an adventurer's bag and:
1 Fists, a half-empty bottle, a turnip, D6 silver
2 Nullwater, a white conch, 3D6 silver
3 3 flasks of oil, a hammer, iron spikes
4 Quill and ink, incense, D6x10 silver
5 A hex scroll and a pine sprig
6 Sword and scabbard OR waraxe OR warhammer

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