Thursday, 14 November 2013

Session Two Spoils

In the freehold of Aski–

Things taken:
  • A carven tusk with the image of a king (probably worth about one gold ring?);
  • Various silver coinage taken surreptitiously from the shrine and the dead reavers, can't recall how much;
  • 1 gold ring, ex-beard ornament.*

Things bought**:
  • Two crossbows and quivers of bolts;
  • A suit of chainmail at an exceptionally reasonable price;
  • Two(?) eel-bombs.

Potential hirelings:
  • Tuskilla, a hard-bitten Janissary from Castle Godless whose services will not come cheap (but presenting Tuskilla with the chainmail did much to soften the mercenary's demeanor);
  • A young seer, native of Aski;
  • A jovial, adventurous apiarist, also of Aski.

Rumours and possible employ for the ventursome:
  • Local apiarists plan to leave within the moon on a trade mission to distant Castle Brakken. They offer a honey-share and a gold ring bonus on arrival for any who'll act as porters and strongarms. The journey could be about 20 days if the weather stays good.
  • Bui the priest has heard that there is another iron wolfhound in a nearby sea cave frequented by fishermen. He'd very much like to know more about it, for the profusion of such statuary is indeed a great mystery.
  • Jarl Aski is thrilled about a meteorite that just fell to the south. He offers the famous sword “tooth-breaker” to whoever first finds and returns with information – more for whoever brings back the meteorite. He has hopes for starmetal or the rare crystal that's commonly used in fire-arms.
  • A mushroom picker says that just west, upland, in a rich mushroom patch, a pair of armoured men have been fighting for two days straight without rest. 
*This was later exchanged for armour and the rest?

**There are no shops as such in the freeholds but the jarl's weapon's master was happy to arm friendly travellers and allies in exchange for silver. The armour was a very good deal – evidently someone had died recently and no one wanted the dead man's suit.

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