Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Adventurers in 15mm

Seer of Castle Godless   

Charcoal Burner
Freeholder Skald 
Invoker of the Crabeye Helm

15mm scale is really fast to paint and forgiving of the kind of exaggerations that I like. It's also great to paint another scale if just to reveal how much GW's design has colonized your imagination. 

The problem with 15mm miniatures for me is that their features often get a bit samey. One way to deal with this is to sculpt your own. The other is to get minis sculpted by Bob Olley, like the ones Splintered Light sells, and give up on painting human figures - but that's another story. These four are 15mm (foot to eye) "human cultist" sculpts by Martin Baker, produced by Rebel Minis. They've all received new faces and hands to make them a bit more like haptic homunculi

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