Friday, 22 November 2013

Not Quite Monochrome

Further to the near-monochrome miniature project: the picture's pretty washed out but it gives a reasonable idea. I think I might have just tipped past the point of too many contrasts and tones on this one. Maybe I need to give it all another go with an ochre glaze to rein it back in – or maybe something less naturalistic, like red. I think it's still worth playing with, but the real test will be seeing a bunch of miniatures done like this all together. 

C-Series Halfling, sculpted by one the Perry bros. I'm really liking
the round 20mm base instead of the more common 25 – this thing is little. 

I wrote that the point of the experiment (and by extension the point of using miniatures in games in the first place) is to "facilitate better imagining for everyone who's sitting around and rolling dice together." There's a lot more to be said about this, including whether it's true or not, but it'll have to wait. 

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